Singapore’s most comprehensive bar guide.

Singapore’s most comprehensive bar guide.

SGBARS is an ever-expanding search engine for Singapore’s nightlife.

SGBARS is the brainchild of two very idealistic individuals, who more often than not find themselves yearning for a drink, but are unaware of where to find one. Determined to prevent this trivial issue from developing into a possible epidemic, this undoubtedly altruistic pairing decided to put together a list of bars, clubs, lounges, restaurants and cafes, in a dauntless attempt to eliminate any problems that may isolate you from the drinks you so rightly deserve.

SGBARS is Singapore’s most comprehensive online bar guide. Our primary purpose is to provide you with a one-stop portal that allows you to locate any pub, club, bar, or virtually any alcohol-administering establishment in town with a simple click of the mouse. An auxiliary benefit would be to convene people from all walks of life, to share their experiences with each other, and to ultimately ameliorate Singapore’s nightlife. Our unique search function empowers you to filter your searches to perfectly accommodate your requirements, so that you are introduced to the best drinking deals within your preferred parameters.

There are practically a thousand different places to enjoy your nightlife in Singapore and it is our enduring pursuit to assemble an absolute directory that encompasses everything you need.



Back on track..

Hello there dear readers, it’s been quite awhile since my last post. I would like to apologize for stagnating my posts for the past 20 days or so. I had been away on a trip to Bangkok, Thailand. Over in Bangkok, there wasn’t much denim culture to embrace but the shopping there was awesome. Purchased a total of 18 tops and 4 berms, 2 of which were made of a material very similar to denim. It may even be denim, but it’s very thin and much softer than the likes of the jeans we love. It gives me the denim feel when I put them on, and yet comfort at the same time(probably due to its light weight).

The days upcoming would be busy for me, but fret not. A package containing a pair of Naked & Famous Weird Guy Red Weft Selvedge would be arriving in a couple of days time. I will be taking pictures of them and reviewing it as soon as possible for you guys, so stay tuned folks.

Interview with Erin from 45rpm

Erin from 45rpm introduces to us their showcase of different denims and the different customized denim services they offer.

How to choose your DENIM?

If you are a perfectionist, it would seem that a pair of good fitting jeans would be quite hard to come by. You have to determine what you are looking for in a pair, and only look at those that matches these needs. This saves time and avoids tricky situations where by you can’t bear to not choose either. Ask yourself some questions. What tops do I normally wear? Does this pair goes with my shoes? How does my body correlate with this pair? What kind of style am I taking on?

When looking for a everyday-wear denim, try to make sure the wash goes with just about any color(or the colors in your wardrobe). Different fits and different colors of denim match different shirt colors. Slim and skinny cuts goes well with flatter and thinner shoes, while high-cut shoes a looser or tapered fit.

If you have shorter legs you might want to stick with a darker shade of blue or indigo. It should be seen to, that the space reaches to the rear of the shoe as this will most probably expand the outlook appearance of your lower limbs. Also, you might also want to stay clear of clipped skinny jeans as they might certainly cut your thigh area. However, if you have to get a skinny pair, find those with small rear pockets that ends just where the thighs starts. It looks really weird if the pocket is taking up your whole butt area if your legs aren’t that long. A mid height style instead of a hipster style might also visually contribute to the distinctive line of your limbs.

Having longer legs generally allow more freedom when it comes to selection but in truth it is always better to find a denim that makes your body look in proportionate all-round. Also make sure that the length is sufficient, and if you are looking for those stylish crumples, you have add about 2-4 inches. Hipsters do stand out for people with longer limbs, given that they deceive our vision directly into thinking that the starting region of the legs are reduced. One thing to note is that should you have a well gifted backside, you would definitely wish your pair of denim to be dimly lit dyed.

Avoid high waist denims because you simply wouldn’t want to have to care too much about the visible difference involving the stomach in addition to backside. Also, be sure not to have facet pockets that happen to be at the joints as they are likely to stick out, instead of sitting down smoothly with the material. When looking for designs, you should concentrate on those that looks good on (and kept within the region of) the rear pockets, or maybe flap pockets as they help develop fascination in denim jeans. Designs that are sprawled all over the surface can be stylish at times, but trust me, it will not be easy to match.

I hope this helps you in choosing your denim jeans. If you guys have anything to add on feel free to do it in the comment section below. Also, if you have any pictures, stories or experience with your own denim, please do share them with us. I would do the honor of posting them up!

Celebs in J-Brand

Here are some recent pictures of celebs spotted wearing J-Brand denim. Looks like simplicity is the new black in the denim world.

As quoted by Vogue, “J Brand jeans lead the rebellion against overfancy, overdesigned denim”.

Halle Berry

Jason Segal

Jessica Alba

Reese Witherspoon

Maybe it’s time for you to get a pair of J-Brands eh?

Naked & Famous on Urban Rush

Denim nerd and founder of cult denim brand Naked & Famous, Brandon Svarc, appears on UR giving Fiona Forbes and Michael Eckford an insight to the brand and his line of work.

A.P.C. New Standard Raw Indigo

Atelier de Production et de Créatio! Being one of the leaders in denim production, A.P.C. never cease to be ahead of others in terms of product launches and releases. Being known in this industry for being rather graphical when it comes to different prints, this pair of denim is, as the model suggests, standard. In my opinion, it do possess much understated quirkiness and charm.

This unwashed selvedge pair is buttoned-fly and has the classic five-pocket set. The very ‘normal jeans’ look but with the first button engraved ‘A.P.C. Paris Pres du Luxembourg’. Those who appreciate the fine detailing of denim art would probably be enchanted by this. It is both versatile and hard-wearing, allowing those who are keen on classy entrances to have it their way. I find that the rise is a little too low for my personal liking, but if you’re cool with it then I’m cool with it. As it ages, the material tone fades incommensurably, depending on how you ‘thrash’ them(looking at the pictures above, they aren’t ‘pre-thrashed’ like other brands). I believe I don’t have to go into the details about the fitting and comfort of a A.P.C. now do I? One thing is that I believe the raw denim will slowly stretch over time so it would be good for you to get your hands on a pair that is probably a size below your usual.

If you like what you see, knowing owning a pair of A.P.C.s can’t really go wrong, you are in luck because this pair of denim is most probably in stores. The good ones.

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